DJ Phildoesit dances while DJing a wedding with vinyl records at Mercury Hall in Austin, TX during March 2017.

 My DJ History 

I've been DJing dance parties since 2004. I began as a sophomore at Kenyon College in Ohio using two portable CD players and a mixer. As a junior I bought CDJs and learned to mix and beat-match. My senior year I bought two turntables and started buying and playing vinyl records.

While living in the San Francisco Bay Area (from 2008-2017) I had the opportunity to work at Vinyl Dreams records, DJ for Honey Soundsystem at the Paradise Lounge, perform original music at Run the Length of Your Wildness, and play records at various venues around town such as Raven Bar, Showdown, and Underground SF. I eventually bought a P.A. and began DJing friends' weddings.

I returned to my hometown of Austin, TX at the beginning of 2018 and have been working full-time as a mobile DJ: booking gigs on my own and DJing events for three event companies and one venue.

 My DJ Philosophy 

I believe in pushing listeners' tastes and music knowledge by playing songs that work on the dancefloor and live on the edges of people's memories. I'll often play a couple of well-known songs to get people dancing before mixing in a song that is related but less well-known. I think that one of my responsibilities as a DJ is to educate listeners, introducing them to great new music ("breaking" records) and celebrating old songs that are in the canon of dance music history.

For less musically-adventurous crowds, I field requests and play anything to get the dancefloor moving. I have a crate full of records and a case of 45s that are jam-packed with classic party hits and I bring them to every gig I play. So every time I'm DJing a party and someone asks if I have a classic song, I get to respond: "Yes! And I have it on vinyl!"

 Working with New Clients 

After being contacted by a new client, I'll schedule a phone call (or meet in person) to discuss the client's music and sound needs for their event.


If we're a good match, I'll draft and send a contract and request a deposit. Once the contract has been signed, and the deposit has been received, I'll send a link to my music request checklist (a shared, Google Sheet) which the client can then use to select which artists and genres they would like to hear at their event. There's also a "do-not-play" list, a "must-play" list, and prompts for special songs to be played at different times during the event.

I'm always available by phone, text, or e-mail if a client has questions or new requests.